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The Motivation Factor: Looking for that Push When Everything Else Runs Dry

People have dreams and goals in their life. Now, what makes them take that first step towards making those dreams and goals come true is motivation. In that process, some people will be so overwhelmed by difficulties and challenges that it will often blur their vision of the goals right in front of them. After all is said and done, after they have exhausted almost everything to resolve these challenges, and when they’re practically running dry of physical and emotional energy, it is ultimately motivation that keeps them going and pushing through. 

From Childhood To Christhood, a book about divine consciousness by Jocelyne Ranucci talks about the motivation that pushes author Jocelyne Ranucci to save her own life, a life dealing with abusive relationships, and some painful experiences. Her motivation comes from the knowledge that true healing comes from self-discovery and personal growth within. She gathers wisdom from H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Saint Germain, and others such as Buddha, Atman, Abraham, and Christ, teachers of the law of attraction, theosophy, and mysticism, as motivation to change her life and to inspire others as well.

 How to look for that push?

It can be challenging to look for that push to get the wheels turning and going. Motivation, first and foremost, is described as the desire and drive to achieve a goal, a dream, or a mission and vision. Many factors influence motivation. Some of these include how much a person wants the goal and what they can gain from it. 

A good motivation can enable the person to move forward and work hard towards their goal, enhance their problem-solving skills, help a person change old habits, or help them adjust and cope with life’s challenges and opportunities. The opposite of motivation is demotivation, a complete antithesis to that push towards the goal.

Many people struggle to find ways to find the motivation or keep themselves motivated. Below are some of the best practices to start people off on that road towards a motivated version of themselves. 

Find passion-based SMART goals  

One of the best ways for a person to be motivated is that they need to look and work on goals that they are interested in or that they are very passionate about. That passion itself is the motivating factor. That passion will serve as the strong desire that will make them move forward despite whatever obstacles that would come their way. 

A good goal should be SMART. It should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bounded. Specific means that the goal is carefully laid out and not just a vague flimsy idea of what people want. Measurable means that the progress towards achieving that goal can be monitored. Achievable means that it is a realistic goal. Relevant means that the goal is appropriate and applicable in the current environment. And time-bounded means that the goal has a deadline or a timetable.  

 Read and read the goals or dreams daily and consistently

A tip in the trade to being motivated is to be constantly reminded of the goals. Some people would post their goals on sticky notes on their mirrors to look at them every time they looked into the mirror. Some people would set reminders on their mobile phones or laptops to send push notifications. The key here is to be constantly reminded of the goals or dreams, that even when a person is tired, seeing those written words can help give themselves another push right out into the front door and keep on working towards achieving them. 

 Create a clean environment  

A demotivating factor can be living in unclean and messy surroundings or a disoriented and disorganized state of mind. A person might start off having a clear goal, but along the way, they might collect junks and mess that makes their vision blurry and distracted. Any chaotic environment is enough to make a person demotivated, lose control, and lose focus on what they’re meant to do. Start cleaning up. Clean up the surroundings, organize thoughts by writing them down, and start back up again.

 Be enveloped by inspiration 

Look towards role models that inspire. Look towards people who were able to overcome all the odds. Look towards people going through the same ordeal and get inspired by how they become successful. Be surrounded by inspiration and positivity. Read inspirational source materials. Create a positive outlook toward life. Remember that a negative view is a significant demotivating factor that can drag down people and hinder them from pursuing their goals.

The road towards achieving dreams and goals is never an easy one to take. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way that could prevent or hinder a person’s progress. People need the right push to keep them going, make them push through those obstacles and hindrances, or try and look for ways to go around those obstacles until they find their footing on the right path again.

That push right there is the motivation factor. So, it is always best to keep that motivation factor because when everything else runs dry, that motivation will fuel up people on the road towards their dreams and goals. 

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