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Learning from the Spiritual World and Acknowledging the Self

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From Childhood to Christhood is a phenomenal book about a spiritual journey and spiritual growth, teaching readers that redemption begins by accepting the vastness of human consciousness.

You might not have asked this out loud, but subconsciously, people constantly strive towards self-discovery—Who or what am I? What do I believe?­—these are some questions that populate the mind in the hours of quiet and introspection.

Self-discovery is an essential facet of self-improvement.

How can anyone attempt to truly better themselves if they are not acknowledging the self?

Self-improvement without self-analysis is like heading into a dark forest with neither a light nor a map. It is delving into a deep cavern, unprepared and untrained.

Empiricism and scientism are the rocks upon which contemporary modern society anchors itself, but those two cannot help you discover the Self.

According to Jungian psychology, the Self represents the union of the conscious and unconscious minds through individuation. The parts of an individual’s personality are combined into a whole.

With how complex and, sometimes, irrational the Self can be, cold empirics and hard science are imperfect tools to use in the journey of self-discovery.

In Jocelyne Ranucci’s From Childhood To Christhood, a book about a spiritual journey and spiritual growth, she discovers this fact firsthand.

Through an arduous spiritual journey that followed after pain, heartache, and abuse, she transcends, finally attaining a life worthy of perfection.

Touching, profound, and deeply intimate, Ranucci details her journey of searching for the greatness that exists inside everyone.

Though it has the word, Christ, From Childhood to Christhood is not necessarily Christian.

Ranucci’s story is about the path that takes you towards the Christ consciousness, the gestalt spirit of humankind that unites people with life, and the transcendent divinity of love (which some cultures refer to as the Buddha consciousness, the Atman or The Great I Am).

The Lessons of the Masters

In From Childhood to Christhood, Ranucci gracefully shares with the readers the tools and knowledge she gathered from the masters of theosophy and mysticism and the ascended sages:

  • Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891). A Russian mystic, she outlined in The Secret Doctrine the evolutionary progress of the universe, humanity, and both the seen and unseen worlds of manifestation where life persists in almost limitless shapes. Madame Blavatsky also discovered that an Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable Principle is beyond the range and reach of thought.
  • Alice Ann Bailey (1880-1949). An English spiritualist, she posited the idea that everything is merely a form of energy, including spirit, matter, and psychic forces. To her understanding, man is a soul whose personality contains the mind, emotions, and body.
  • Gautama Buddha (563-483BCE). An Indian prince, he noticed that only self-realization led to enlightenment. His most famous lesson is that life is ultimately about suffering, and that is caused by craving. The only way someone can liberate themselves from this is to accept that reality is temporal and that one must strive for permanence with the Buddha-consciousness.

Acknowledging the Self with the Spiritual

If you have never tried to define yourself, you are limited by others and by the roles they have assigned to you.

While it is good to be dedicated to a role and provide for your community, life itself cannot be limited to only those boundaries. If you are stripped of this identity and are not acknowledging the self, how can you navigate life?

The inability to comprehend your desires and ideas leads to dependency and weakness, akin to a sculpture made of sand that stands because there is a wall that stops the waves. Take away the wall, and the sand sculpture is swallowed up.

There should be a balance between the outward and inward selves so that the proper Self can blossom.

But, of course, the Self is not where self-discovery ends.

After discovering the Self, you should also connect with the spiritual world that surrounds everyone and everything: the Christ consciousness.

By establishing the Self before the Christ consciousness and becoming enveloped within It, a person is filled with the totality of existence and acknowledges that life and love are singular and touch everyone and everything.

The Christ consciousness is not the egoist version of love that manifests primarily within an individual but the omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent love of divinity.

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How to Deal With Someone You Dislike

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Meeting people you don’t like has a very high chance of happening more than once in your lifetime. As much as you got people you vibe with, there’s another set of individuals you struggle to get along with.

You might wonder how to get along with people you can’t stand around. Especially if they are obnoxious, challenging to deal with, and have attitude problems. The typical response would’ve been to avoid or not respond to their advances. But what if they are your colleagues, classmates, or family members you live with, and you’re stuck in a situation where avoiding is not an option?

Being close to people who get on your nerves is a harrowing ordeal. They constantly test your patience and make you want to disappear somewhere they can’t see you. Instead of getting things done, you waste time and energy handling your emotions rather than focusing on the things that matter.

Manage Your Expectations Towards Others

Not everyone will like someone, and that’s a universal truth we must live by. Having that in mind helps us set our emotional priorities straight. If you don’t like someone, that doesn’t mean you’re terrible. It doesn’t make the other person entirely harmful to others, either. But being civil is vital if you’re together in such unavoidable settings.

Recognizing that not everyone’s going to get along can prevent any further rift that comes with relationships that are difficult to handle.

Constantly Watch Yourself

It’s important to practice self-control so that it’ll be easier for your resistance to show, especially if it’s against someone you don’t like. Lack of sleep always causes irritability, so be sure to get reasonable amounts of sleep and practice self-care in other aspects so that you’re always set for the day. Starting with taking care of your emotional and physical state will reflect on your attitude towards others, especially those you find unpleasant.

The best people who can handle emotional turmoil are the ones who know their bodies best. Attention to one’s physical aspects, especially when the body is highly reactive to a particular emotional stimulus, can help handle reactions externally. Exercising the muscles even in little ways can relieve tension, preventing you from feeling too much anger and anxiety.

Don’t Take Things Personally

This is especially true at work, where everything personal is left at the door. When your coworker does something that upsets you or the people around you, it is up to you not to take it to heart. If it’s something that does not involve your personal life and if it’s not something that’s below the belt, hostility isn’t needed.

There’s a clear line between the factors that cause distress within a particular setting and the external side of it, which you can temporarily set aside. Finding a balance to invest yourself in those things will reflect on your attitude, even with the people you don’t like as much.

Try to Empathize

Even though it’s the most challenging thing to do, it wouldn’t hurt to try and empathize with the people you dislike. Whether they’ve offended you or not, the way they are shouldn’t change who you are. Your world may not revolve around them, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore their existence. Having a sense of empathy will come in handy if those same despicable people are having a hard time. It might be an opportunity to turn things around and give the possibility of a good relationship a chance.

And even if it doesn’t change anything between you and the person, having empathy is still a good thing. Being kind towards others is also a way of being kind to yourself, and it will help you become emotionally balanced. You won’t be harboring any ill feelings by practicing kindness, and you won’t be potentially hurting anyone in the process. Extending such positive attributes will make you grow a little more from childhood to Christhood.

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Simple Way on How to Construct Yourself and Make Your Own Fate

There is no clear regulations checklist to observe when it comes to developing yourself and your future. Most people think life is foreordained, and fate can’t be altered once it has been written. But the reality is that fate is in your hands and can be adjusted as one wants or desires.

But the question is, how do you make your fate? One has to dream, make an objective, and have your own notion of it. Be innovative and ambitious to create a place in society. It is amusing how when things go amiss, people immediately think that “everything happens for a reason.” They attach tightly to the commonplaces and clichés; to the “Que sera, sera” of it all.

On the other hand, it is too compelling to use the concept of fate as a privilege to stand still and use it as a getaway tool. After all, if “whatever will be will be,” people don’t have to do anything to make it happen. It will just come.


Dreaming is the most critical thing you can do when you set out to create yourself and make your own destiny. Without these yearnings and goals, you’re basically an empty shell, moving along to get along.

Find the Courage to Pursue those Dreams

Once you know precisely the thing that you want, go for it. Find the bravery to take the first step. If your most significant goals feel too far away and out of reach, go after the lesser ones first. Once you make those into reality, you may realize that the significant ones are nearer than you recognized.

Achieve Your Plans

The most helpful way to create your fate is to have daily goals. You should labor on small goals and one big goal. Direct your plans to accomplish daily goals and work a little extra to pursue the bigger dream. Take extra effort by meeting people, writing new ideas, sharing your thoughts, and being ingenious to accomplish your future.

Don’t Let Anyone Judge Your Story

Don’t ever allow anyone to judge your path. They will try. Humans can’t resist the urge to pick apart and study each other under a microscope. Decide now that you will not let their critique hold you back from being who you want to be. Just keep writing your own story.

Make Laughter Part of Your Destiny

A life without delight is not a life at all. So, make sure you are the destiny you create for yourself, including lots and lots of laughter. Find fortes that make you happy and adopt them. Never, ever feel like you have to explain them, either. Never allow anyone to mock something you desire.

Focus on the Good More than the Bad

A large part of yourself means concentrating not on the pain and the bad but on the good. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the things that go wrong or bottle up your emotions. It just means that you try to remember that, more often than not, things do go right. When everything appears to be going wrong, take a minute to remind yourself of all of the things going right.

Be Your Icon of the Story

Use your own two legs to walk your path. You are alone and have what it takes to make your destiny. Don’t let anyone tell and make you feel otherwise. “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can, and no one may. We must walk the path.”

A small part of everyone will always cling to the idea that everything will fall into place one day. And they must give the universe time to catch up with their desires. It’s hard to let go of this beautiful and romantic idea that everything is already written in the stars. 

It is still harder for people to believe that they control their destiny. But everything they are and who they want to be is right inside themselves. So it is imperative to know the spiritual side of yourself, especially the part where you can feel one with your surroundings and the universe, like the notion of universal consciousness in From Childhood to Christhood book by Jocelyne Ranucci. The book deliberately examines some elements of this consciousness and how it can be achieved through personal reflection, soul-searching, and personal growth. 

After all, if people can control it, that means they must control it. People must look within themselves if it’s not out there for people to find. Once you accept that and embrace it, nothing is truly holding you back.

Be Passionate

No matter how difficult this road is, if you are passionate, you will cross it. No hurdle can stop you because the impossible is only found in the dictionary of fools. You are apt to find keys and engrave the path of achievement.

At last, destiny is something that a person creates. You learn from one mistake and work upon it to improve and get enriched. Better and desired results can be achieved by introspecting the situations daily. So, these are the eight key mantras to create your destiny.

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The Motivation Factor: Looking for that Push When Everything Else Runs Dry

People have dreams and goals in their life. Now, what makes them take that first step towards making those dreams and goals come true is motivation. In that process, some people will be so overwhelmed by difficulties and challenges that it will often blur their vision of the goals right in front of them. After all is said and done, after they have exhausted almost everything to resolve these challenges, and when they’re practically running dry of physical and emotional energy, it is ultimately motivation that keeps them going and pushing through. 

From Childhood To Christhood, a book about divine consciousness by Jocelyne Ranucci talks about the motivation that pushes author Jocelyne Ranucci to save her own life, a life dealing with abusive relationships, and some painful experiences. Her motivation comes from the knowledge that true healing comes from self-discovery and personal growth within. She gathers wisdom from H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Saint Germain, and others such as Buddha, Atman, Abraham, and Christ, teachers of the law of attraction, theosophy, and mysticism, as motivation to change her life and to inspire others as well.

 How to look for that push?

It can be challenging to look for that push to get the wheels turning and going. Motivation, first and foremost, is described as the desire and drive to achieve a goal, a dream, or a mission and vision. Many factors influence motivation. Some of these include how much a person wants the goal and what they can gain from it. 

A good motivation can enable the person to move forward and work hard towards their goal, enhance their problem-solving skills, help a person change old habits, or help them adjust and cope with life’s challenges and opportunities. The opposite of motivation is demotivation, a complete antithesis to that push towards the goal.

Many people struggle to find ways to find the motivation or keep themselves motivated. Below are some of the best practices to start people off on that road towards a motivated version of themselves. 

Find passion-based SMART goals  

One of the best ways for a person to be motivated is that they need to look and work on goals that they are interested in or that they are very passionate about. That passion itself is the motivating factor. That passion will serve as the strong desire that will make them move forward despite whatever obstacles that would come their way. 

A good goal should be SMART. It should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bounded. Specific means that the goal is carefully laid out and not just a vague flimsy idea of what people want. Measurable means that the progress towards achieving that goal can be monitored. Achievable means that it is a realistic goal. Relevant means that the goal is appropriate and applicable in the current environment. And time-bounded means that the goal has a deadline or a timetable.  

 Read and read the goals or dreams daily and consistently

A tip in the trade to being motivated is to be constantly reminded of the goals. Some people would post their goals on sticky notes on their mirrors to look at them every time they looked into the mirror. Some people would set reminders on their mobile phones or laptops to send push notifications. The key here is to be constantly reminded of the goals or dreams, that even when a person is tired, seeing those written words can help give themselves another push right out into the front door and keep on working towards achieving them. 

 Create a clean environment  

A demotivating factor can be living in unclean and messy surroundings or a disoriented and disorganized state of mind. A person might start off having a clear goal, but along the way, they might collect junks and mess that makes their vision blurry and distracted. Any chaotic environment is enough to make a person demotivated, lose control, and lose focus on what they’re meant to do. Start cleaning up. Clean up the surroundings, organize thoughts by writing them down, and start back up again.

 Be enveloped by inspiration 

Look towards role models that inspire. Look towards people who were able to overcome all the odds. Look towards people going through the same ordeal and get inspired by how they become successful. Be surrounded by inspiration and positivity. Read inspirational source materials. Create a positive outlook toward life. Remember that a negative view is a significant demotivating factor that can drag down people and hinder them from pursuing their goals.

The road towards achieving dreams and goals is never an easy one to take. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way that could prevent or hinder a person’s progress. People need the right push to keep them going, make them push through those obstacles and hindrances, or try and look for ways to go around those obstacles until they find their footing on the right path again.

That push right there is the motivation factor. So, it is always best to keep that motivation factor because when everything else runs dry, that motivation will fuel up people on the road towards their dreams and goals. 

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Law of Attraction: How to Live a Flourishing Life

Everything starts with having a proper mindset. If a person wishes to be successful, they have to start thinking positively and imagine themselves achieving their dreams and goals. And so it goes with the opposite thinkers. If a person is in the habit of thinking negatively, what is the expected outcome? Most probably, they’d find themselves in disheartening situations that they, themselves, created. In the self-transformation book by RanucciFrom Childhood to Christhood, A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness, the author shares a glimpse of her life surviving a traumatic and abusive relationship.

Jocelyne Ranucci believes that the power to recover from painful experiences lies within each individual, and it’s just a matter of acknowledging and tapping into this innate power to awaken it. And it all starts with the mindset of how people think and what they attract with their thoughts.

The Impact of the Law of Attraction       

The law of attraction is a principle-based belief that everything a person thinks about tends to attract the same type of outcome. Negative thoughts attract adverse outcomes. Positive thinking attracts positive results. They say that there is the power behind words, and the words become more powerful when it is thought about or said out loud. There is a force and energy behind thoughts that attract every aspect and feature that goes through in a person’s life, including relationships, health, and even finances.  

People often looked up to entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet as the epitome of success. Then there are authors and motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey that people get hooked on whenever they take the stage. These people, albeit currently prosperous and successful, have all shared the key message on the importance of having a positive mindset as the road to success. 

Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey, is also a by-product of the positive visualization process. The now world-over famous comedian didn’t start out with a golden spoon on hand. Before Carrey gained fame and recognition, he started with a simple method following the principle of the law of attraction. In the year 1985, Carrey wrote a $10 million check to himself, stating “for acting services rendered,” dated the check ten years into the future, and kept it in his wallet with him all the time. Guess what? In 1995, Carrey starred in the hit comedy movie “Dumb and Dumber” and received a salary of $10 million! Talk about the power of the law of attraction.

Jim Carrey and many successful celebrities and entrepreneurs that people know of today strive and persist, believing in themselves and their goals. They didn’t let negativity and life’s obstacles stop them from moving forward. They are driven by a passion for practicing and sharing their talent and motivated and inspired by their dreams that they’re willing to work hard no matter what to achieve their goals in life. The best part is, they really believe that they can do it! And they have!

Starting on that Positive Visualization Journey

Aside from having a strong mindset, discipline and motivation are needed to start the positive visualization journey. The motivation, or goal, should be strong enough that a person is willing to go through the most difficult challenges in order to attain that goal. Once these are set, below are the following ways that can help a person on a positive attracting life. 

Being Grateful

Believe it or not, there is power behind the words “thank you.” Studies show that gratitude is linked with the feeling of happiness. Consistently being thankful for every little thing emits positive, feel-good emotions, leading to improved overall well-being. Being a grateful person also attracts good people, and the more a person is grateful and appreciative, the more that person brings joy and abundance into their lives.  

Dream boards

This is what Jim Carrey did when he made that check of $10 million to himself. Dream boards are also could vision boards. There’s no magic behind these boards; it’s just that they serve as a constant reminder to the person, telling them, “Hey, this is the goal, and you need to work on to achieve this goal.”

Positive Self-Affirmations

Positive self-affirmations are repetitive positive statements to build up self-belief. Constant repetition of positive messages integrates into the person’s subconscious that eventually becomes a reality. What a person thinks shapes into reality. Words like “I can do it,” “everything is possible,” “there is always hope,” or “tomorrow will be better” are examples of self-affirming statements. That trick is to keep saying these statements regularly, especially during the most trying of times. 

Life is always made up of choices—a choice to be successful or a choice to be average. A choice to stay miserable or a choice to heal and to be happy. This freedom to choose is a luxury and privilege that anyone and everyone can enjoy. And it all starts with a mindset – a mindset to attract all the positive things that makes life flourish and thrive. 

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Beginning With God: The Role of Faith in Spiritual Growth

Everyone knows that faith plays a vital role in one’s spiritual growth, but practically speaking, it occupies too much or too little of one’s understanding.

This statement is true. If your conception of spiritual growth is nothing more than self-effort, you will not experience life transformation. From Childhood To Christhood book on spiritual journey and spiritual growth by Jocelyne Ranucci implied that true power is to transform, transcend, and create a perfect life—an ability she believes is innate to all.

In the Christian life, certain truths are either so formative or fragile that you may require special assistance in learning to hold on to the shopping cart of faith. As a mature Christian, you are used to toting these truths around like a handbag (such as the security of your salvation), but young Christians need to develop the spiritual muscles they take for granted.

A partial list is found below of these foundational truths that require the exertion of faith and may require your assistance. In these areas, the need for trust is most acute, and where the lack of it will have the most incredible ramifications.

Forgiveness and Faith. Few of the significant battles in life are ever won overnight. So it is alright to assume that you will see many spiritual failures. It might be a stunningly gross one or a minor disappointment, but they will desperately need to experience God’s forgiveness in either case.

The problem with many sins is that it is challenging to feel cleansed, not criticize yourself, and not suspect that God’s still in a rage over the incident even after you have confessed to them. When you sin, you instinctively feel someone must pay the price. No one gets off easy.

Of course, Christ has already paid the price, which makes this all irrelevant. What is needed is confession. The problem is that you can confess your sins while employing faith. Faith requires a choice of the will to believe that God has forgiven you through Christ’s death while creating a deaf ear to doubts. Remember, God is more merciful than you can imagine, and believe that through Christ’s death, humanity is ultimately forgiven, and “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us”(Psalm 103:12).

Faith (that God) Can Make You Holy. Here is another truth into which confidence must dip its teeth. One must choose to believe that your temptations and struggles are not unique. Therefore never insurmountable, unfixable, or unforgivable. It is a lie to think that any temptation is irresistible or that you are special in any of your struggles.

God always provides what people need to remain holy, even if it is simply an escape hatch. Every disciple is tempted to believe that they deviate from the norm in some area of their lives. Satan desires for you to feel alone. This will let you think of yourself as having unique temptations or trials. Forfeit faith in this area, and you have dangerously inflated the power of sin.

Faith That All Things Work For The Good. The next battle of faith is for all those who have experienced damage within themselves or their lives. All because of sin. God can take any minute plant, and from it grows a garden. While it may be impossible to wonder how God can bring good out of your train wreck of present and past failures, this is hardly a limiting factor. 

God is limitless to redeem evil. Everything in your past can be taken and used for good. God’s mercy can transform every failure (like Peter’s failures). Every skill (like Paul’s weaknesses) can be a channel for God to show His strength. Though you must persevere in faith, and sometimes for years, the equation will always add up: crap + God = life. And faith is how God enters the equation.

Faith In God’s Goodness. When things are going wrong, people justify their sin with self-pity. They think, “Well, I’m going to do this because God isn’t taking care of me anyway, and rather than helping, He’s allowing my life to disintegrate.” Your scheming mind designs such reasoning to bring us to a sense of entitlement to sin.

You must fight the battle to deny or disbelieve God’s goodness with faith, never giving an inch. Everything God does in your life is motivated by love. And any minor twist of that truth is a lie that can have serious consequences.

Growing Faith

Faith is like a muscle; it bulges by lifting loads. Loads are the resistance, the doubts, mental whispers, and circumstances that tell people the opposite of what faith must believe.

Alternatively, faith grows through new challenges where they need to trust and rely on God. With courageous steps, God shows Himself faithful, and their faith grows.

Through the strain and stress of faith development, the truths discussed in this article are the most common fracture points and the places you may most need your encouragement to wind yourself up the hill of faith.

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Creating One’s Destiny: Notable Quotes on How You Can Work On Your Life

The saying goes, “Our destiny is in our own hands.” But how far this is true is a moot question indeed!

People believe that they control their choices and that their actions matter in response to what fate offers them. The human race is here to learn lessons, and the hard decisions one has to make are what help him grow as a human. A person’s destiny is not something he can sit by and let happen to him.

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way. How practical it is in today’s context is something that is to be scrutinized threadbare. People always believed that one could shape his destiny to their liking through hard work and perseverance. But, when you do not succeed even after working hard and persevering, you lose faith in these values and feel that destiny has something else in store for you. You feel like no matter how you work hard and persevere, destiny controls you and your future, and you are liable to follow it demurely. 

Destiny is your potential waiting to happen. It is the top tier in the grand scheme of possibilities and where your dreams come true. There are countless tracks that one can take. But not all of them lead up to the destination station to which you have to return in time.

Notable Quotes (and lines) to Ponder on How You Can Work On Your Life

The power to transform, transcend, and create a perfect life is innate.” This line is from Jocelyne Ranucci’s From Childhood to Christhood: A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness. Ranucci implied that you are a creator of your destiny and that you can learn to love and accept yourself deeply and leave the destructive patterns of the past behind. The Ascended Masters on Ranucci’s book leads her readers to self-discovery. Her book gives them the tools, knowledge, and inspiration. Gathering wisdom from such teachers of the law of attraction, theosophy, and mysticism, as H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Saint Germain, and other ascended masters such as Buddha, Atman, Abraham, and Christ can change yourself and your life.  

I do believe that one way to have a destiny is to choose one. Melinda McGraw tells humanity that all have control over their destiny. Although “fate” and “destiny” mean similar things, they are pretty different. Yes, fate is what puts opportunities in front of a person, but your decisions ultimately determine your destiny. 

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Bestselling author and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra say people need a new way of looking at free will and fate. He believes that both are influential in one’s life. And that although fate might appear to have more influence over you, the balance keeps shifting the more you learn about it, so you might as well assume that your potential for mastery is much more significant than anyone now supposes. This is similar to how one believes their decisions can shape their destiny.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.” It can be hard to think of your destiny as separate from your fate if you become accustomed to letting it lead your path. Many people look at life with a “what will be, will be” attitude. However, if you expect it as something you have control over, you can take deliberate actions to create your desired destiny. William Shakespeare means being true to yourself and not being passive or only following other people’s opinions. Being and remaining authentic is the best way to determine not just any destiny but also the one meant for YOU. Fate presents you with the opportunity to create it. All you have to do is decide what destiny you want.

Control your own destiny, or someone else will.” Jack Welch’s quote lets you think that it is better to believe you can control your destiny by making conscious, deliberate decisions than just being passive bystanders in your own lives. This leads back to creating a life for yourself that aligns with your authenticity. With the same attention you use to build your brand, you can shape your destiny. Do not sit back and let someone or something else guide you along; take the wheel and drive towards your destination — your destiny!

Have you ever encountered fate putting an opportunity before you, but you did not take hold of it, and it slipped away? That was destiny. Or maybe you did seize it and created your happy ending? Comment below. 

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