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Law of Attraction: How to Live a Flourishing Life

Everything starts with having a proper mindset. If a person wishes to be successful, they have to start thinking positively and imagine themselves achieving their dreams and goals. And so it goes with the opposite thinkers. If a person is in the habit of thinking negatively, what is the expected outcome? Most probably, they’d find themselves in disheartening situations that they, themselves, created. In the self-transformation book by RanucciFrom Childhood to Christhood, A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness, the author shares a glimpse of her life surviving a traumatic and abusive relationship.

Jocelyne Ranucci believes that the power to recover from painful experiences lies within each individual, and it’s just a matter of acknowledging and tapping into this innate power to awaken it. And it all starts with the mindset of how people think and what they attract with their thoughts.

The Impact of the Law of Attraction       

The law of attraction is a principle-based belief that everything a person thinks about tends to attract the same type of outcome. Negative thoughts attract adverse outcomes. Positive thinking attracts positive results. They say that there is the power behind words, and the words become more powerful when it is thought about or said out loud. There is a force and energy behind thoughts that attract every aspect and feature that goes through in a person’s life, including relationships, health, and even finances.  

People often looked up to entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet as the epitome of success. Then there are authors and motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey that people get hooked on whenever they take the stage. These people, albeit currently prosperous and successful, have all shared the key message on the importance of having a positive mindset as the road to success. 

Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey, is also a by-product of the positive visualization process. The now world-over famous comedian didn’t start out with a golden spoon on hand. Before Carrey gained fame and recognition, he started with a simple method following the principle of the law of attraction. In the year 1985, Carrey wrote a $10 million check to himself, stating “for acting services rendered,” dated the check ten years into the future, and kept it in his wallet with him all the time. Guess what? In 1995, Carrey starred in the hit comedy movie “Dumb and Dumber” and received a salary of $10 million! Talk about the power of the law of attraction.

Jim Carrey and many successful celebrities and entrepreneurs that people know of today strive and persist, believing in themselves and their goals. They didn’t let negativity and life’s obstacles stop them from moving forward. They are driven by a passion for practicing and sharing their talent and motivated and inspired by their dreams that they’re willing to work hard no matter what to achieve their goals in life. The best part is, they really believe that they can do it! And they have!

Starting on that Positive Visualization Journey

Aside from having a strong mindset, discipline and motivation are needed to start the positive visualization journey. The motivation, or goal, should be strong enough that a person is willing to go through the most difficult challenges in order to attain that goal. Once these are set, below are the following ways that can help a person on a positive attracting life. 

Being Grateful

Believe it or not, there is power behind the words “thank you.” Studies show that gratitude is linked with the feeling of happiness. Consistently being thankful for every little thing emits positive, feel-good emotions, leading to improved overall well-being. Being a grateful person also attracts good people, and the more a person is grateful and appreciative, the more that person brings joy and abundance into their lives.  

Dream boards

This is what Jim Carrey did when he made that check of $10 million to himself. Dream boards are also could vision boards. There’s no magic behind these boards; it’s just that they serve as a constant reminder to the person, telling them, “Hey, this is the goal, and you need to work on to achieve this goal.”

Positive Self-Affirmations

Positive self-affirmations are repetitive positive statements to build up self-belief. Constant repetition of positive messages integrates into the person’s subconscious that eventually becomes a reality. What a person thinks shapes into reality. Words like “I can do it,” “everything is possible,” “there is always hope,” or “tomorrow will be better” are examples of self-affirming statements. That trick is to keep saying these statements regularly, especially during the most trying of times. 

Life is always made up of choices—a choice to be successful or a choice to be average. A choice to stay miserable or a choice to heal and to be happy. This freedom to choose is a luxury and privilege that anyone and everyone can enjoy. And it all starts with a mindset – a mindset to attract all the positive things that makes life flourish and thrive. 

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