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How to Deal With Someone You Dislike

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Meeting people you don’t like has a very high chance of happening more than once in your lifetime. As much as you got people you vibe with, there’s another set of individuals you struggle to get along with.

You might wonder how to get along with people you can’t stand around. Especially if they are obnoxious, challenging to deal with, and have attitude problems. The typical response would’ve been to avoid or not respond to their advances. But what if they are your colleagues, classmates, or family members you live with, and you’re stuck in a situation where avoiding is not an option?

Being close to people who get on your nerves is a harrowing ordeal. They constantly test your patience and make you want to disappear somewhere they can’t see you. Instead of getting things done, you waste time and energy handling your emotions rather than focusing on the things that matter.

Manage Your Expectations Towards Others

Not everyone will like someone, and that’s a universal truth we must live by. Having that in mind helps us set our emotional priorities straight. If you don’t like someone, that doesn’t mean you’re terrible. It doesn’t make the other person entirely harmful to others, either. But being civil is vital if you’re together in such unavoidable settings.

Recognizing that not everyone’s going to get along can prevent any further rift that comes with relationships that are difficult to handle.

Constantly Watch Yourself

It’s important to practice self-control so that it’ll be easier for your resistance to show, especially if it’s against someone you don’t like. Lack of sleep always causes irritability, so be sure to get reasonable amounts of sleep and practice self-care in other aspects so that you’re always set for the day. Starting with taking care of your emotional and physical state will reflect on your attitude towards others, especially those you find unpleasant.

The best people who can handle emotional turmoil are the ones who know their bodies best. Attention to one’s physical aspects, especially when the body is highly reactive to a particular emotional stimulus, can help handle reactions externally. Exercising the muscles even in little ways can relieve tension, preventing you from feeling too much anger and anxiety.

Don’t Take Things Personally

This is especially true at work, where everything personal is left at the door. When your coworker does something that upsets you or the people around you, it is up to you not to take it to heart. If it’s something that does not involve your personal life and if it’s not something that’s below the belt, hostility isn’t needed.

There’s a clear line between the factors that cause distress within a particular setting and the external side of it, which you can temporarily set aside. Finding a balance to invest yourself in those things will reflect on your attitude, even with the people you don’t like as much.

Try to Empathize

Even though it’s the most challenging thing to do, it wouldn’t hurt to try and empathize with the people you dislike. Whether they’ve offended you or not, the way they are shouldn’t change who you are. Your world may not revolve around them, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore their existence. Having a sense of empathy will come in handy if those same despicable people are having a hard time. It might be an opportunity to turn things around and give the possibility of a good relationship a chance.

And even if it doesn’t change anything between you and the person, having empathy is still a good thing. Being kind towards others is also a way of being kind to yourself, and it will help you become emotionally balanced. You won’t be harboring any ill feelings by practicing kindness, and you won’t be potentially hurting anyone in the process. Extending such positive attributes will make you grow a little more from childhood to Christhood.

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